Meet our Autumn Valedictorian – Anna Evans-Boudreau

Valedictorian Anna Evans-Boudreau is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in sociology, and plans on attending law school next year.

UWinnipeg prof is knighted by the French

UWinnipeg’s Dr. Sante Viselli has been given the prestigious Knight in the Order of Academic Palms of the Republic of France.

Jennefer Nepinak welcomed to UWinnipeg with pipe ceremony

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Dr. Scott Forbes honoured with mentorship award

Chemistry prof invited to speak at Oxford symposium

Posted on: 09/19/19 | Author: Communications

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UWinnipeg prof publishes book on 17th century Dutch expedition to Chile

Posted on: 09/03/19 | Author: Communications

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Connecting across cultures with ELP alumnus Hiroki Nakajima

Posted on: 08/30/19 | Author: Communications


New tool designed to improve children’s literacy and numeracy

Posted on: 07/10/19 | Author: Communications

Dr. Peter J. Miller appointed 2019 Chancellor’s Research Chair

Posted on: 04/29/19 | Author: Communications

The Assistant Professor of Classics will be working on a book that showcases the ways classical antiquity continues to influence the contemporary world.

UWinnipeg students accepted into new leadership program

Posted on: 04/26/19 | Author: Communications

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